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Professional Tree Services in Rhode Island

Since 2010, RI Tree Service Pros has delivered the highest-quality tree services for residential and commercial customers throughout the state of Rhode Island. As a family-owned and operated business, we pride ourselves on building long-lasting relationships with our customers by delivering exceptional service and ensuring the health and safety of their trees for years to come. Our team of ISA-certified arborists brings decades of combined experience and leverages industry-leading research to assess tree health and develop data-backed care plans.

Tree Removal in Rhode Island

The Importance of Professional Tree Care

Comprehensive Tree Care Services

Our arborists, foresters, plant health specialists, and technicians deliver exceptional excellence across all tree care services, including:

Tree Removal RI

Tree Care & Removal

  • We safely remove trees of any size or complexity, from small saplings to towering oaks, using professional tools and precision felling techniques to protect your property.
Tree Trimming RI

Tree Pruning & Trimming

  • Our team promotes tree health and longevity through structural, maintenance, or decorative pruning, strategically removing dead or damaged branches, and shaping trees for desired growth patterns.

Tree Stump Removal & Grinding

  • We eliminate unsightly stumps by grinding them deep below ground level, pulverizing them into mulch, and thoroughly cleaning up the area.

24/7 Emergency Services

  • Our crews are always on call to promptly respond to tree emergencies, such as storm damage or fallen trees, at any time.

Specialized Tree Care
and Maintenance

We provide comprehensive plant health care and

property enhancement services, including:

  • Fertilization, soil analysis, and pH balancing to nurture plant and tree growth
  • Pest and disease control through integrated pest management
  • Seasonal protection via winterization, lightning protection, and more
  • Land clearing services like brush clearing, vine removal, and undergrowth elimination
  • Tree disease diagnosis and treatment by our expert arborists
tree health care services RI

Why Choose RI Tree Service Pros?

Selecting the right arborist is crucial for the health and safety of your property's trees. Here are some reasons why you can trust RI Tree Service Pros:

built on a commitment to excellence

and written estimates for all new clients

who communicate every step of the process

guaranteeing the best service experience

 to protect your property

As a full-service tree care company, we provide comprehensive arboricultural services to clientele needing skilled assistance with their trees. This includes residential and commercial customers across Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.


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The RI Tree Service Pros Process

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and stand behind our work

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To request your free estimate or consultation for tree services, call us today at:

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