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Tree Removal Costs in Rhode Island: A Comprehensive Guide

Removing a tree in Rhode Island can be a complex and expensive process. This guide is intended to assist you in understanding the various factors that influence the cost of tree removal in the state and to empower you to make informed choices relating to your project.

Factors Affecting Tree Removal Costs in Rhode Island

Tree Size

The size of a tree has a significant effect on the cost of its removal. At an average cost, removing a large tree may begin at $1500 and escalate based on species and overall size.


The accessibility element also influences the expense of removing trees. 


Trees that are hard to access may necessitate additional equipment or labor, which can increase overall costs.

Tree Condition

The condition of a tree may affect removal costs as well. Dead, rotting, or diseased trees may necessitate additional attention and specialized equipment for extraction. Increasing total expenses. 


The location where the removal takes place plays an essential role in determining its cost. 


The average price for removing trees in Providence, Rhode Island hovers around $945 with rates ranging between $350 and $1,540. 


For accurate city specific pricing information. Consider requesting free estimates from local providers of tree services. 


Average Tree Removal Costs in Rhode Island

Big Tree Removal

For larger trees such as Redwoods. Expenses will be considerably higher due to their size and special gear required for removal. 


Fallen Tree Removal

Removing fallen trees typically costs between $75 and $150 for average sized trees. 

Finding the Right Tree Service Provider in Rhode Island

If you want to locate the best tree service for your needs immediately—consider utilizing resources such as our ProMatcher Cost Report that offers cost estimates resource listings for multiple locations throughout Rhode Island state wide


Further, we also have competitive prices at RI Tree Service Pros—we provide all around solutions at reasonable rates!


By having a clear understanding of what we’ve covered above about factors related to impacting costs related to removal—you should be in better shape to make the best decision and informed choices concerning your project. Be sure to keep these factors in mind while pursuing quotes from providers of tree services. Ensuring that you get the greatest value for your investment.

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