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Company History

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to professional Tree Services in Rhode Island. From the beginning, our tree service company has been proudly family-owned. In the scenic vistas of Rhode Island, Rogerio’s fondness for trees blossomed, igniting his ardor for arboriculture. As the founder of a devoted tree care enterprise, his passion was deeply rooted in the state’s verdant landscapes. Building upon his knowledge and experience, he established “RI Tree Service Pros” in 2010. Initially starting small, Roger’s unwavering commitment to delivering services and promoting sustainability quickly gained recognition, attracting a growing base of clients. In those days, Rogerio took on roles within his company, driven by his dedication to maintaining high-quality standards and employing sustainable practices. With a team that shared his values, RI Tree Service Pros transformed into a solution for all tree service needs. Today, it stands as a testament to Rogerio’s dream turned into reality, making a difference in the community one tree at a time.

Expert Arborists

Located in Warwick, Rhode Island, RI Tree Service Pros boasts a team of dedicated and well-trained employees who approach your property with the same care and attention they would give to their own. Our licensed arborists are committed to promptly assessing your needs and providing efficient solutions for your tree-related projects, ensuring an outstanding customer experience. With Rogerio Tavares leading the way, representing the first generation of horticulture and forestry experts, we blend practical expertise with theoretical knowledge. Our team of arborists is dedicated to delivering superior Tree Care Services to a diverse clientele.

Our Mission

Our goal at RI Tree Service Pros is to deliver an extensive tree and plant health care services. We take great pride in offering all our tree care customers the highest quality, best service and incredible value for their money. And we hold this principle close as we are strong believers that word of mouth is the best marketing tool. Whether it’s private individuals, public entities, state and local government bodies, or civic organizations, our goal remains the same: to deliver the best possible Tree Care Service.


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